growler beerThe mistake is of course not having a beer growler!

A growler is a resealable bottle filled to order with draft beer.

It offers attractive portability and affordability for conveniently enjoying a fresh beer at home or a party.

The most common growler bottle is a low-cost half-gallon glass jug, but 32 oz growlers are also famous for some of the stronger and more expensive beers.

Growler bottles are traditionally made of translucent amber or brown glass, which like beer bottles are meant to protect the integrity of the beer from the sunlight.

Also different types available are:

  • ceramic
  • glass
  • stainless steel
  • and PET plastic growlers.

PET bottles are very lightweight, inexpensive and ideal for anywhere glasses are not allowed such as beaches, pools or other outdoor areas.

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and at breweries, brewpubs and beer retailers where growlers are filled.

When you select your beer, the attendant will give your reusable bottle a cold water rinse to cool it down and reduce beer foaming.

beer growler tap local pub restaurantGrowlers are commonly filled from standard tap faucets just like a glass of beer…

..but some retailers have invested in unique tap systems specifically designed for maintaining beer freshness and growlers.

These co2 counter pressure systems purge oxygen from the empty bottle before the beer is poured in.

Oxygen makes beer smell and tastes stale in just one to three days.

Once full the bottle cap is sealed over the co2 beer bubbles that rise into the bottleneck, providing a virtually oxygen-free brawler of beer.

Filled growlers should be kept sealed and unopened until you’re ready to drink the beer.

Keep it refrigerated and out of direct sunlight to help preserve the beer’s flavor.

You also don’t want to leave filled growlers in a hot or freezing car.what is a beer growler

When you’re done enjoying your beer make sure to clean and rinse your bottle with hot water, then letting it air dry upside down on a rack.

There are some fantastic beers on tap, so fill your growler, take it home and share it with friends.

It’s a great way to further explore your love of beer.

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what is a beer growler?

A beer growler is a way to easily transport local brewery draft beer or tap beer from a bar restaurant.

The growler is often 64 oz, and basically, it’s beer-to-go.

There are many different types of growlers there are clay ones, glass ones, pet plastic and metal ones.

Often used is a dark amber glass used to cut down on sunlight and oxidation that all beer has to worry about.

It often has a smaller handler at the top or a bigger handle to use for two hands even sometimes.

There are two types of the caps; there is a screw cap and clamp level action cap.

How to fill a growler?

  1. Rinse with cold water to cool down growler. Hot growlers cause excessive foam.
  2. Attach the hose to the faucet. 
  3. Insert hose and fill at a slight angle.
  4. Fill to the top and close the tap.
  5. Remove hose above drip rail.
  6. Top off to allow foam to push all air out.
  7. Put the hose in a clean bucket.
  8. Towel clean off the growler at the station.
  9. Put contents label on the growler.
  10. Seal with electrical tape.

The process of filling the growler begins by rinsing a container that is being sold to the customer or a growler that they have brought back to be refilled.

The container is purged with co2 to drive out any oxygen that can affect the flavor of the beer.

Then filled from the tap until we reach the proper volume level and a little bit of foam coming out of the top.

It is then capped to seal the container.

beer growlers

Then rinsed to get rid of any beer residues and finally the most important part.

A seal is placed on the container, in this case, a heat shrink seal.

That seals the container when the seal is finished it can be present to the customer to take home for consumption.

Then rinsed to get rid of any beer residues and finally the most important part.

A seal is placed on the container and sometimes used is a heat shrink seal.

That will seal the container, and when the seal is finished, it can be present to the customer to take home for consumption.


How to clean a growler?

  1. Once you finished your growler recycle the cap immediately. Caps loose their seal over time it’s recommended to change the cap regularly.
  2.  Rinse the growler several times with hot water, as hot as you can get it. 
  3. Don’t use a detergent which is hard to remove with water and will react negatively with beer taste.
  4. Inspect and smell the growler to make sure no beer or particulate remains.
  5. Now the important part is to air dry the growler upside down with the cap off. The cap will seal in any bacterial flavors and odors that did not come out during rinsing
  6. Again recycle the cap and leave the growler open to dry.
  7. Now it’s ready to be re-used again.

How big is a growler of beer size or how much beer is in a growler?

The size of a growler is often a half gallon of beer (64 US fluid ounces)

Growler beer how long will it last?

If sealed properly it can last and unopened it can last for about 30 days.  Once opened you got under 24 hours to finish it.

Growler definition beer and Beer growler history?

A growler is a reusable and refillable bottle you can fill with your choice of draft beer. It says that in the 1900s the beer was transported home from the pub with a galvanized pail bucket.

And rumour says that the beer created a rumbling noise as the CO2 escaped from the lid of the pale, and from that, the name Growler was attached.

Beer growler near me or personalized beer growler?

Finding one near you depends on which state you live in but you can read more about it on my growler guide here.

How to make beer taste better and how to store beer?

  1. Beer likes to be cold
  2. Keep it in the dark environment and avoid sunlight
  3. Beer wants to be kept under pressure
  4. And protect it from oxygen


Now you can enjoy a cold refreshing and satisfying beer without worrying about it getting flat and tasteless

If you don’t have a growler yet, you can read my full beer growler review here.


Drink Responsibly.

– Kyle