best beer growler reviews
When picking the ultimate beer growler, we considered the build quality, how long it keeps the beverage cold and affordability.

..psst this is the #1 beer growler:

You know it’s summertime,

we’re going out hiking,

we’re going out camping,

we’re taking road trips, we’re socializing and just having a good time.

And what better way to have a good time is with a nice chilled refreshing beer.

Everybody knows one of the greatest ways to drink pints is in draft form,

And the only way to keep it cold is to either get it straight from the source or being home near your refrigerator/kegerator.


…keep your beer always Fresh, Carbonated, Nice and Cold with an insulated beer growler container!

10 Best beer growler Reviews

1. Stanley Classic Growler review

Stanley Classic Set review

This is one of the most popular for a good reason…

…because it holds the beer so fresh and cold.

It’s perfect for outdoor activities or just at home when you want to pour up a refreshing cold drink.

And the build quality is highly durable with the stainless steel that won’t rust. Some go with customized beer growlers but after many tests, this is still my favorite:

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As you can see I’m not alone choosing the -> Stanley classic as the top pick.

2. uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer – Stainless Steel

A great look and perfect for getting a perfect amount of pressure.

3. G Francis – Beer Growler – 1.9 liter, 64 ounces – Stainless Steel with Swing-Top

A great choice for an airtight seal with the included swing-top.

4. Yukon Beer Growlers Keep Your Beer Cold and Carbonated

A great black colored jug but still offers a great insulation and carbonation.

5. Nostalgia CBG64 Homecraft Beer Growler

Offers a more high quality feel to the overall jug, a real high-quality product, you get what you pay for.

6. 45 Degree Latitude Beer Growler

Can be used for water aswell and offers a great variety of colors.

7. Euro Growler 2 Liter Growler with Metal Handle

The classic beer growler look with the dark tainted glass, a really well high quality glass flask and easy to clean.

8. DrinkTanks Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Growler, 64 oz.

A modern and a big great handle that you can easily fit two hands with as you pour up a drink.

9. Hydro Flask 64 oz Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Growler

The hydro flask is famous for it’s quality bottles and this is for beer aswell.

10. Brew Tanker Double Wall Stainless Steel Beer Growler and Water Bottle

A really good lock and logo for a discrete jug and offers a flip top for a sealed pressure.

Vacuum insulated growler body and foam insulated lid – Keeps it clean and fresh!

==>(Read Stanley Classic Vacuum Growler Insulated testimonials here)

The double wall from Stanley is a well-known growler in the camping circles and been around for a long time since 1913 in fact!

What makes this stand out is two differences:best insulated growler 64 oz beer reviews

    1. The Heavy-duty handle

Makes it an easy one hand job to pour up your favorite beer drink and makes it very practical!

Good tight firm grip,

you can move this however you want, that handle is a really nice feature both for carrying it in general but practically for pouring.

  1. Is the smart flip top beer growlers lid

it’s not a screw top like the most other products…

…what’s nice about it is there a satisfying air pop when you open this jug. So you know it’s nice and tight.

To open you simply slide up the clamps that are holding the lid securely in place and you got it open.

Perfect refreshing beer taste and clean beer growler every time!

The lid has a nice metal lining so your beer is never touching any plastic,

inside the body is High-quality stainless steel that won’t rust and naturally BPA-free!

+ Dishwasher safe!

And when you’re done with your beer simply clamp it up to keep it nice and tight, then it’s ready to roll!

What it also performs extraordinary well is…

…keeping the beer good and carbonated, because you clamp on and clamp off you don’t lose so much time versus a screw cap is not the greatest seal.

The Stanley Classic comes in three beautiful colors

  • Hammertone Green
  • Hammertone Navy
  • Matte Black (My favorite)

According to the manufacturer, it will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours! 

What’s great about not choosing a glass container is that it won’t break!

Comes with a built for Life warranty! If you have any issues with bottles, old or new, just contact them and they will get you taken care of!

The craft beer steel growlers get you ice refreshing cold beer/beverage…

…no need to wait! get yourself an insulated growler today:

Best Pressurized Growler? uKeg 64 Oz review

Psst if you’re still reading, this the secret sauce to get the ultimate American craft/beverage experience is by…

…having a Pressurized keg cap.

What it does is really extending the life of the brewers like ipa (India Pale Ale) from a carbonation standpoint.

You simply use a co2 cartridge and screw onto the cap, extremely simple and fast to use!

Impress your friends and family with a great tasting beverage.

==>(Read uKeg 64 Growlers Testimonials here)

F.A.Q Beer Growlers

Q: Where can you buy growlers for cheap?

A: You can get growlers it for sale directly from Amazon through this link.

Q: What is a beer growler?

A:  Basically they used to sell a half of gallon of beer (64 oz) typically out of a brewery, local brewery or restaurant bar. and became very popular in the USA, Canada, and Australia. 

There are three types of growler containers the glass one, ceramic, and stainless steel jug. Some have different closure tops, some might have a flip top, screw top and some even have corks.

Q: how long does beer last in a growler?

A:  Most growlers will store for about 30 days if sealed and filled properly with little air in the bottle, Once it’s opened though you have less than 24 hours to finish it.

Q: Where to buy pressurized growlers with tap?

A: You can order on directly from Amazon here.

The conclusion of the drinktanks 2017.

With that said these work great for all types of beverage from the brewery bar and on tap. Ale, pilsner, malt, pint you name it whatever drink you want to keep the cold and well-balanced beer taste.

There are many other beer growlers that didn’t made it to the list like miir vacuum insulated growler and avex drinktanks insulated growler.

Now enjoy the refreshing tasteful beer in your growlers and please drink responsibly at your local pub or at home.

If you’re looking for some essentials here are my best beer growler accessories

– Kyle